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A photobook by
Mamadou Gomis (Dakar) and Simone Gilges (Berlin)

Each week one photograph – that was the idea and mode of the photographic interchange held between Simone Gilges from Berlin and Mamadou Gomis from Senegal’s capital Dakar.
Since 2009 the two photographers have been exchanging one picture every week via internet.
The photographs serve as a response and comment to the prior one sent - taken in the very unlike cities and addressing everyday life in the streets, rituals of public and private life und the artistic work of both photographers. The developed references bring the other side closer to one’s own and respectively the familiar is made foreign.

"This project is above all a gesture towards the other, an eye cast on otherness,
singularity, a desire to share, and a need to understand the world. In
celebrating individuality and diversity, Dakar-Berlin also symbolizes distance,
absence and nostalgia for somewhere else. "

(Caroline Niemant, Peeping Tom, Paris)

Editor: Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V. (ifa), Stuttgart
and Elke aus dem Moore,

Publisher: Steidl Göttingen, ISBN 978-3-86930-498-4

23 x 30 cm, 32 pages text ge/fr/engl, 96 pages 4c-photographs
Concept: Mamadou Gomis, Simone Gilges
Authors: Elke aus dem Moore, Christian Clages, Caroline Niemant (Interview)

according to the book:

Exhibition Dakar/Berlin

Galerie Peter Herrmann, Berlin

Goethe Institut Dakar, Sénegal
incl. photography workshop with 8 young photographers living in Dakar

Goethe Institut Accra, Ghana
incl. photography workshop with 8 young photographers living in Accra

to be continued...

exhibition dakar/berlin

The photobook and the exhibition were produced by the
Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa)
and are presented in line with the ifa-exhibition prêt-à-partager.

The exhibition was friendly supported by gOdigital, Berlin.

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